Bible Reading Apps As Voted By Teens

Bible reading is haaaaaaarrrrd, man. And especially hard if you’re not used to reading much but prefer to watch videos online or scroll social media. For those that are growing up with instant entertainment at their fingertips anywhere and anytime, sometimes removing themselves from the screen takes discipline they may not have. Reading may actually be rather difficult for them, and just the thought of having to read large chunks of the Bible every day may be enough to put them off before they even start.

We want to share with you some awesome bible reading apps that our students have tried out and love. Using an app isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that prefer it to reading a book, here’s the top 4 recommendations:

Looking for a bible reading app for a teenager? Here's what ours recommend. Tansquared Youth Ministry

Engage by ScriptureUnion NZ

This app is a great option for Kiwi kids (holla if you’re from New Zealand!) by Scripture Union NZ. It has a daily reading plan and devotional in both English (using the ESV) and Maori, and an audio option in each language. The cool thing about the audio is that it’s read by a young person somewhere in New Zealand! Our students that use this app love it because it’s doable for them each day. It’s easy for them to find a couple of minutes to sit down and read, or listen whilst they’re on the go. You can download the app here.

Bible by YouVersion

This is probably the most popular free Bible app, so it might not be a new one for you. It’s simple to use and has heeeeeaps of reading and devotional plans specifically designed for youth and young people. Perfect for your teens! There’s a large range of Bibles to choose from, with the option to download them if you wish to read offline. It contains searchable topics such as faith, parents, and worry, where it provides encouragement and scripture pertaining to the topic. There’s also a friends feature so you can share what you’ve read with your friends and swap notes.. great if you’re doing a reading plan together! And there’s audio Bible options, too. Available for iPhone and Android.

The Word For Today by Rhema Broadcasting Group

This is another app by a Kiwi organisation, based on the quarterly devotional booklet they bring out. This app (like the booklet) is purely devotionals and not an actual bible reading plan. There’s an option for either reading the devotional or listening to the audio, and either way it only takes about two minutes to complete. Our teens love this one because it’s to the point, easy to understand, and explains scripture for them. Available for iPhone and Android.

She Reads Truth Bible & Devotional App

Here’s a great one for the girls! This one is a daily reading and devotional. There’s a couple of free reading plans as well as others that you pay a couple of dollars for. The cool thing about these plans is that anyone doing that plan can comment, so if you didn’t understand something from the reading you can ask someone to clarify for you. It’s a cool way to connect with other christian girls over the Word. And there’s an added bonus of lock screen images with some gorgeous art you can download for your phone or tablet. Available for iPhone and Android.

Let’s talk:

  • Have you or your students tried any of these Bible reading apps?
  • What other Bible reading apps would you recommend for teens?

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