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We share our study resources with you in the hope that it gives you a good foundation for planning your own study. While we think our resources are top quality and it’s awesome to have all the hard work done for you, we believe that your students will get more out of it by you running sessions in your own style and sharing your own testimonies where appropriate. Same message, different flavour!

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Our second study this year was titled The Power of Words and looked at the effect our words have on ourselves and others. We only had two sessions on this topic, but there is actually so much to discuss on the topic we could have just as easily run 10 sessions! So today I want to share with you how we ran our sessions and what resources we used.

Key scriptures

It’s always a good idea to start with scripture, yeah! This is only a taster of what’s in the scriptures and will give you a good starting foundation. You will easily be able to find more on the topic if you need. Here’s some key ones:

Proverbs 13:2 – fruit of your lips | James 1:26 – control your tongue | James 3:3-12 – taming the tongue & 4 illustrations | Psalm 12:6 & Psalm 119:130 – God’s words | Proverbs 21:23Psalm 39:1 – watch your tongue | Ecclesiastes 5:2 – let your words be few

Plannins a study on the power of words? Taming the tongue? We've compiled some ideas and resources for you to make your study AWESOME. Tansquared Youth Ministry


Aside from the Bible, the book we used exclusively for this study was Does Your Tongue Need Healing? by Derek Prince. I love this book because it is short and to the point yet still covers a range of aspects useful to this study! Each chapter could easily be used as a weekly small group study. It’s an easy read, full of useful scripture illustrations and explainations, and it’s less than $10. Definitely one of the best value for money resources we’ve got!


One session we kicked off with a small group discussion using the worksheet you’ll find in our library. This worksheet contains quotes about words and speaking and it was a great way to get our students thinking and talking about the study topic from the start. We followed this up with teaching, and linked these quotes into the message by comparing them with scripture and our own testimonies.

Other resources

Video clips: there’s an abundance of these on the net! Depending what suits your style, you may be able to find a clip from a film that’s popular with your students that highlights the power of words, or you can use this one we found on YouTube. Wingclips has a category for bullying and for encouragement if you’d like to compare the effects of both. Check out what Vimeo has to offer, too. If you the time and talent, there’s always the option to make your own video!

Quiz: We love a good quiz night! It’s a fun way to have a discussion on a topic and get your youthies digging up scripture to find the answers. Make your own mini quiz to finish up your sessions.

Songs: Getting a praise song going is a great way to see an instant positive change when we use our words to glorify God. To get you started, try having Endless Praise or Joy pumping! If worship is more your style, try Ever Be or It Is Well.

Illustrations/Demonstrations: We used a tube of toothpaste to illustrate how once a word has been said you can’t take it back. We asked one of our students to squeeze as much toothpaste out of the tube as she could. Once she was finished we asked her to put it all back in. She failed miserably and asked two friends to help her, and between them they made an even bigger mess! This was perfect, as we were then able to use water to wash it all clean. In this illustration, the toothpaste represents our words, the tube is us or our mouth, and the water is Jesus. You could also do something smilar with a block of wood and a nail, with putty or wood filler to ‘fix’ it.

Remember this..

..whatever you do, do it in your own style and do it in love. Do your best, pray, and leave the results up to God.

Let’s talk:

  • Which of these ideas or resources will you be using for your study on the Power of Words?
  • What other elements have you found to be helpful for this topic? What did your students respond well to?

Don’t forget our worksheet is available in the resource library! Can’t access it? Sign up here.


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