Morning Sickness And Youth Ministry

Kia ora! Well, something rather exciting has happened in our little corner of the world.. we are expecting a baby! While this is super exciting for us it has thrown a bit of a curveball in terms of doing ministry, especially as I am one of those ‘lucky’ people that gets hit hard with morning sickness. This pregnancy is still in the early stages and I’m hoping the morning sickness side of things improves as it progresses.. Thank God He’s in control!

Today I hope this post encourages you if you are also in the exciting season of morning sickness and Youth Ministry. I’m definitely preaching to myself too! Here’s 4 things to do if you’re in Youth Ministry and get hit with morning sickness:

4 things to do if you're in Youth Ministry and get hit with morning sickness. Tansquared Youth Ministry

Decrease your workload.

It’s ok to not do as much as you have been doing. If you’re exhausted or semi-attached to a bucket, it’s ok to take a break. If there are things that you HAVE to do, do those and delegate the rest to your team. And if you don’t have a team yet, it’s not too late to form one. Start asking a couple of people to help you out with your ministry to-do list. We’ve found that people are generally understanding when it comes to morning sickness and willing to take one for the team.

For us, it’s kinda funny how the timing of this baby has played out with our first term for 2017. I wasn’t planning to have morning sickness right now, but God must’ve known it was coming and guided our plans accordingly. It turns out that for 3 weeks in a row (right before the holidays too- bonus!) I haven’t had to prepare anything extra for Youth so it’s meant I can rest.

Change how you do student catch ups.

We usually take our students out to a cafe when we meet them one-on-one. In this season it’s ok for these catch ups to change slightly. If afternoons at a cafe aren’t going to work for you then don’t feel like you have to keep doing it.

In the past I have done after school catch ups or evening ones, but now that my energy levels are zapped by lunchtime this isn’t working for me. Finding an alternative that means I have energy to encourage students and answer their tough questions is important. Some of my student leaders are great with my 2 year-old son, so one of my options is to invite them over to play with him whilst I do a few things around the house. Once my son is off for a nap then we have a chance to sit and chat over a hot drink.

Don’t stress over how it’s going to work out.

You don’t have to have everything figured out right now. Definitely plan for what you think will happen or what you want to happen when this new baby arrives, but know that ultimately God’s got it sorted. We’re not even sure when our baby is due at the moment, but we know it’s towards the end of the year and that we have a good 6 months to train up any necessary additional leaders. We also know that we’ll have about 2 months off over the summer after our baby arrives, and by the time we kick into 2018 we’ll have had time to re-evaluate how we do Youth Ministry.


Morning sickness can be a blessing in disguise.. it gives you the space to rest. I don’t just mean sleep, but rest in God. When you physically can’t do anything, sometimes that’s all you can do. Get as much as you can! While I personally don’t enjoy constantly feeling nauseous, I do like that I am forced to be still and rest. And resting in God is definitely something I need more of.

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Let’s talk:

  • Have you had morning sickness during a season in Youth Ministry? What’s your experience?
  • What other tips do you have to help others in this season?

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  • I need to share this with my friend who is a youth pastor’s wife. These are great tips no matter what you do. So glad to connect with you.

  • Hannah! I’m so glad to have connected with you! I just had a baby. So I’m on the other side of morning sickness – sleeplessness! For me, I haven’t dealt with morning sickness in ministry, it has been newborns and ministry. And having wonderful has been key for me. I have to admit that I can’t do it all and humbly ask for help. Or my family suffers…and so do the people I’m serving. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Congrats Jen! Team is so key ae, and as much as I want to do many things myself I just know that I physically can’t.. especially in this season haha. Hope you catch up on some sleep soon 😉