17+ Games With 6 Students Or Less

When you’ve got a small group of students, it can sometimes be difficult to find games to suit a small number of players. Today I’m sharing a roundup of games for 6 students or less. From apps to action, there’s something for any type of small Youth Ministry! Feel free to adapt these to suit your students and your space, and make up your own variations.


Note: for these games each player will need a smartphone and wifi.

Spyfall – who’s the Spy? Players ask each other questions to figure out who the Spy is, and the Spy’s mission is to identify the location of the other players. See this post for more details and sample questions to get you started!

Space Team – players must work as a team to complete each mission! Download the app for Apple or Android.

Need some new games for a small youth group? Check out these ideas! Tansquared Youth Ministry


Charades or Pictionary – can you guess what the action or picture is? Split into two teams. Here’s how Jimmy Fallon plays!

Celebrity Handbag – a twist on traditional Charades. Needs 6 players minimum. More details in this post.

Bible Speed Dating – can you figure out who the Bible characters are? See this post for more details, and make up your own variations!

Food Games

Chubby Bunny – each person puts a marshmellow in their mouth and says “chubby bunny”. Keep adding marshmellows until you can no longer say “chubby bunny”! Note: have a bucket handy incase of unexpected projectile marshmellows!

Oreo Stack – who’s the fastest at removing the cream filling to make one big Oreo?! More details and variations in this post.

Suck it up – split into two teams and race to transfer the popcorn kernels from one cup to another.. using only a straw and suction power! To make it trickier, set the cups at opposite ends of the table, or a timer so teams are racing against the clock as well. Can be played using cooked popcorn or M&Ms.

Board & Card Games

I’m including board games in this because many students actually love them! When our Youth Min started out with just 3 boys, most nights were spent playing Monopoly.

Monopoly – whichever version of Monopoly you happen to have on hand will be fine. We’ve played Original, Empire, and Deal.

Cranium – for those that want a bit more of a challenge than Charades or Pictionary. Split into teams of 2 for this game.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – a 10 minute game where your group has to figure out who the werewolf is!

Pharisees – a new twist on the party game Mafia. Buy it here.


Table Tennis – if you have a table tennis table, play this game King of the Court styles. After each round the winner plays the next person in line. This also works with an air hockey table, too!

3×3 Basketball – if you have a hoop, divide into teams and play 3 on 3.

3×3 Touch Rugby – split into two teams and play this on a court or field. Mark out a smaller area if necessary as this game can be quite a workout!

Captain’s Ball – a variation of netball played on a court or field. In place of goalposts, 1 student from each team stands on a chair and teams score a goal by getting the ball to them.

Let’s talk:

  • What are your favourite games for a small number of students? What works well for your group?

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