Your guide to getting a Youth Ministry started in the next 30 days.

30 Days To Start A Rockin’ Youth Ministry is designed to help you get started and be on your way to a rockin’ Youth Ministry in the next 30 days. For $22 you get the 30+ page eBook AND a bonus 16-page printable workbook ($20 value) we’ve created to go with it!

From your pre-launch, to your first night, to those next couple of weeks, we’ve got you covered. We talk all things from budgets to games to parents, and planning to preaching to ‘what if it’s a huge flop?!’

Charles and I have been there. We know all those feelings of excitement, nervousness, being overwhelmed, and not knowing where to start! We hope this book leaves you encouraged, equipped, and with a renewed passion in your heart for your ministry!

I wrote this book with YOU in mind.

  • If you are starting a Youth Ministry from scratch, or
  • you’re taking over a Youth Ministry, or
  • you’ve got just a handful of students, or
  • you want to give your ministry a makeover and don’t know where to start, or
  • you’ve had no training for Youth Ministry.. AND
  • as well as this you’re volunteering..

If you found yourself agreeing with any of those statements then this book is for you. Sometimes these things can seem like a disadvantage to those of us in ministry, but I’m excited to let you know that you CAN have a rockin’ Youth Ministry despite all that! And I KNOW this because that’s what it was like for us.

What people are saying...

“I just wanted to thank you for your ebook – I purchased it out of desperation when my pastor asked me if I could start a youth group in our church. Our church has 3 youth altogether and when I saw your book it seemed like a real answer to my prayers (and mild panic haha). Thank you for the practical advice, the encouragement. I’m so glad I got it. We just had our first session and it went well. It’s such a great tip to ask the youth what they want to learn – their answers surprised me!”

-Serene, teacher in Japan.


“After reading ‘30 Days to start  a Rockin Youth Ministry’, I think I am most amazed by how Hannah was able to cover every aspect of leading a ministry. My husband and I assist in Young Adults Ministry and this book reminded me of so many areas that we need to nourish and implement new strategies in the group setting. Hannah’s writing went beyond the how to’s of starting a youth group. It went to the core foundation of representing Christ in the the group. This book is jam packed with information and wisdom of how to even deal with the unexpected. I have and would continue to recommend this book to leaders of small group ministries. Thank you Hannah for reminding me of the importance of building unity in a group!”

-Carmen, author of Married by His Grace blog.